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Caros clientes, a Clínica Verde fechou a localização atual em Montenegro.

Os serviços continuam em Faro e Albufeira.

Dr. Ferry Cornet está apenas trabalhando a tempo parcial, as informações estão disponíveis na internet e através de nossos números de telefone.

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Dear clients, Clinica Verde closed at Montenegro, services continue in Faro and Albufeira.

Dr. Ferry Cornet is working part-time, information is available on the internet and through our regular phone numbers.

www.clinicaverde.com and phone remain as is 916 107 610 / 917 062 917

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A question I frequently get is 'what can I do myself?'

For most of us, it's difficult to find the time to do even the most simple task or exercise..

My advice is to force the time now to create more time after.

We all can make the time if we really want to...only a few minutes a day can make a big difference in 2 months! 

Start today! 

Ferry Cornet


Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible. Francis of Assisi

Quit smoking with acupuncture

Clients asking for acupuncture to quit smoking are usually motivated to do so.

Most people previously undertake action without success, but now they feel ready.

The reasons for stopping are diverse.

Some may have health and condition problems from smoking, such as shortness of breath, a chronic cough or an increased frequency of colds and flu.

Others without these physical signals want to prevent themselves from developing problems and want to improve their health.

Some parents decide to stop smoking when pregnant.

Some when a loved one develops or has a smoking-related illness.

Much no longer want the expense and dependency of tobacco (nicotine) or they feel a social pressure not to smoke.

The diseases associated with smoking are widely known. Finally, you need to quit smoking for yourself and not for anyone else. That is the wrong motivation and will not work.

You have to be self-motivated.

Each person that wants to quit has a strong desire to quit now, rather than putting it off forever.

What Treatment do I need?

Is Ear Acupuncture the whole treatment?

Are there additional advice or treatments given?

How Much Does the Program Cost?

Q. What Treatment do I need?

The STOP SMOKING program at our Natural Health Clinics consists of 6 appointments. During your first appointment, we need to gather information about your smoking history and health background. We need to identify your smoking behaviours, habits and triggers that lead to smoking. Some are social smokers, some smoke for pleasure, some smoke alone or for emotional reasons or when stressed. Nicotine is a powerful mood-altering chemical that can be sedating or stimulating, depending on the individual.

A few examples of triggers for smoking are:

Smoking when on the phone, computer or in the car.

Smoking when angry, upset, sad or lonely.

Smoking when drinking coffee or alcohol.

At the first appointment, your situation is reviewed and discussed, a diagnostic checkup, ACUGRAPH or VEGA CHECK, is part of the treatment. Taking into account each person's unique smoking habits and physical and emotional structure, every patient's treatment is tailor-made and designed for him or her. At this session, we can teach you how to identify and avoid your triggers habits! Acupuncture can reduce the desire and lessen the withdrawal symptoms connected to the quit smoking process. Since the first month of quitting is probably the most difficult, the acupuncture program can ease you through this time.

Included is:

First visit : AcuGraph Full Body Check/Scan and counselling.

The next 5 sessions are Acupuncture or Laser treatments to help you stop smoking.

The night before the first acupuncture treatment, you may smoke your last cigarette ever. From that point on, you will be a non-smoker.

The five acupuncture treatments for your quit smoking program stretch out over three to four weeks, usually two treatments the first week, and then based on your individual needs. Of course, if you are having difficulty quitting, the program may be modified to fit your needs.

Q. Is Ear Acupuncture the whole treatment?

Each client is custom-treated according to his or her specific and unique diagnosis. Usually, a combination of body acupuncture points and points on the ear are used. After the needles are inserted, you will relax for about 20 to 30 minutes. Sometimes we use the Laser to treat the points, however, that consumes extra time and is more expensive.

Q. Are there additional advice or treatments given?

Often you are prescribed herbs or supplements to control desire or withdrawal symptoms. Exercise is encouraged and dietary recommendations are given (foods to avoid and foods to be included during the withdrawal phase). Sometimes an invisible press needle is placed onto a specific point on the ear to reduce desire.

Q. How Much Does the Program Cost?

The total cost of the normal program is € 300 which includes the initial consultation with Complete AcuGraph Body Check and 5 Acupuncture treatments. This package price is payable at your first visit. The Natural Medicines, which are prescribed on an individual basis, cost from € 5 to € 15 each. Our program to help you quit smoking will only be effective if we combine forces!

Acupuncture can help you in the nicotine addiction of the body! This is 50% of the problem and the other part is conditioning! For that part, we try to help you by building the right attitude towards smoking and yourself. Therefore, a good start is only possible when you really want to quit smoking! Neither Acupuncture nor We can do that for you!

It is very important to have support from friends and family. Each person responds differently to the treatment and each body on the detoxification from your body. Most of us experience the treatment without problems, others need to work harder and need more support. It is certain that acupuncture can reduce the stress and difficulty of quitting smoking, and can help you to become a NON-smoker!