enlightenedDr Ferry in the Algarve,  

Faro Dias 17, 19 de Janeiro-

Albufeira Dias 16, 18 de Janeiro.

Faro Dias 21, 23 de Fevereiro -

Albufeira Dias 20, 22 de Fevereiro.

Faro Dias 11, 13 e 16 de Abril -   
Albufeira Dias 10, 12 e 17 de Abril.
Faro Dias 18, 21 de Maio,
Albufeira Dias 17, 22 de Maio.

Caros clientes, a Clínica Verde fechou a localização atual em Montenegro.

Os serviços continuam em Faro e Albufeira.

Dr. Ferry Cornet está apenas trabalhando a tempo parcial, as informações estão disponíveis na internet e através de nossos números de telefone.


www.clinicaverde.com e telemóvel 916 107 610 / 917 062 917 mantêm-se inalteráveis.


Os serviços clínicos passam a ser prestados nas seguintes moradas:


Albufeira , Clinica Pacifico,  Rua Alexandre Herculano, Conjunto Ria Formosa, no. Q-R/C, Areias de São João (Oura), 8200-271

Atenciosamente, Dr. Ferry Cornet

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Faro 17, 19 January

Albufeira 16, 18 January

Faro 21, 23 February 

Albufeira 20, 22 February

Faro 11, 13 e 16 April   

Albufeira 10, 12 e 17 April

Faro 18, 21 May

Albufeira 17, 22 May.


Dear clients, Clinica Verde closed at Montenegro, services continue in Faro and Albufeira.

Dr. Ferry Cornet is working part-time, information is available on the internet and through our regular phone numbers.


www.clinicaverde.com and phone remain as is 916 107 610 / 917 062 917


Our services continue at the following addresses:



Greetings, Dr. Ferry Cornet


A question I frequently get is 'what can I do myself?'

For most of us, it's difficult to find the time to do even the most simple task or exercise..

My advice is to force the time now to create more time after.

We all can make the time if we really want to...only a few minutes a day can make a big difference in 2 months! 

Start today! 

Ferry Cornet


Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible. Francis of Assisi

Dr Ferry Cornet,
 Ferry Cornet,
 Ferdinand CornetDr Ferry Cornet

After basic medical training, he specialised and graduated in Medicina Alternativa (Naturopathy), Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Dry Needling, Manipulation Techniques and Herbal Medicine.

He is also a qualified N.D. Naturopath, practising and teaching for over 35 years, he works with a combination of disciplines beneficial for everyone, as a unique and effective approach for all your health needs.

Faro, Clinica Ortopedietica, Rua de Sao Luis 85, 8000-285

Albufeira ,  Clinica Pacifico, Rua Alexandre Herculano, Conjunto Ria Formosa, No Q-R/C Áreas de S. João (Oura) 8200-271

Tlf: +351 916 107 610

E-mail:   clinicaverde@sapo.pt

Emergency: On call every day available 917 062 917

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Family Doctors (GP's):

Remco Olaf Holst - Drs., M.D., Dr.med.

Dr Jan van Dijk-Drs., M.D., Dr.med.

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Loja Verde Dietética Faro

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